1   Your guide to YouFoot

At YouFoot our goal is to empower the football community: players, coaches, fans, and anyone with a passion for football.

We build many collaborative applications to serve the community needs in this regard:
  • a newsfeed to deliver football news that matter to you
  • a play-by-play commentary application, aka ‘Playcom’, to commentate football matches live
  • ratings for players and matches
  • videos and images associated to match actions as well as to teams, players and competitions
  • and much more…
If you've used the web often, you may be familiar with some of these. For instance, you may have uploaded a video on youtube, or contributed to a wikipedia article. However, there was never an application that let you commentate a football match live! So you might wonder how it works...

Below, you'll find tutorials to help you get started and make the best of the tools we build for you at YouFoot.

  2   Adding your team and player profile     

We all love football but it's not always easy to get your voice heard as a football fan. And if you play football it's even harder to get noticed.

YouFoot puts you in control. You can easily create a page for your team or for a team you support. You can also create your player profile or the profile of players you admire. Watch this video to get started in less than 5 minutes!

Adding a team

Adding a player

  3   Adding matches and competitions          

We support every type of competitions:
  • Tournaments
  • Cups
  • Championships
  • and more...

Any kind of matches:
  • Standard football
  • Beach soccer
  • Futsal
  • Two-leg games
  • and even your custom football rules with 1 to 11 players, 1 to 4 periods, 1 to 60 minutes per period, additional time, extra Time...

Adding a competition

Creating a championship

Adding a group stage

Elimination (final stage)

Elimination ‎(with draft between rounds)‎

Adding a match

  4   Commentate football matches live!

A play-by-play commentary application, ‘Playcom’ enables everyone to:

  • generate commentaries in multiple languages
  • produce statistics for matches, players and teams
    (such as score distribution, statistics per action, shooting positions, goal per shot ratio)
  • see match lineups and rate player performances
  • sum up the match on the timeline
  • upload a video to an action (for example, goal) and view it directly on the timeline
  • and more !

Entering raw data wouldn’t be that much fun. So we designed a unique interface with all major football actions (goals, shots, corners…) that makes commentating football matches accessible to everyone. The commentator can simply select and describe the match actions as they happen; meanwhile the application does all the hard work such as computing the statistics. The produced results are available to your friends and the whole YouFoot community.

Watch this video to find out how you can commentate football matches using:

  • Score
  • Match report (goals, cards, substitutions)
  • Play-by-play (every plays live and in detail)

Comment live matches