What is a venue? How can I find a venue?

There are 4 types of venues in YouFoot:

  • Stadium (or any place that has some kind of football pitch)
  • Training Grounds
  • Headquarter
  • Bars that broadcast football

There are several ways to find venues in YouFoot:

  • Click on Venues in the top navigation.
    1. You will land on a Venue portal page, where you will see a selection of New venues which have been recently added on YouFoot. You can also click Most favorited to see venues that are popular, or Greatest capacity to see the venues with the greatest capacity.
    2. You can also search for a venue by entering its name (or nickname).
    3. You can also perform an advanced search to include other criteria such as type of venue, pitch size, surface type, or stadium capacity.
  • In the top navigation, click Apps and select the YouFoot Map to see venues directly on a map.
  • You can use the general search engine located in the top navigation by typing the name of a venue.

How can I add a venue?

In the top menu navigation click on Venues, then, in the right side toolbox select Create a venue.

When you create a team and a match, you'll also get a chance to create venues.

How can I add a stadium or a training ground for my team?

When you create a team, or edit a team's settings, you can add its headquarter, stadium (or pitch), and training grounds.

Can I edit a venue’s page after its creation?

Yes, any venue can be easily edited. Choose the venue you want to edit. To make changes click on Edit venue settings in the right side toolbox.

What information is necessary to create a venue?

To create a venue you need to indicate the venue’s name, type, location and, for football field you will be asked a few questions about the pitch.

What kind of venues can I create?

You can create any type of venues. It can be a five-star stadium, your favorite bar or a ground for street football.

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