Why add a transfer to a player's career?

Adding transfer ensures the player will appear in the team's squad for the appropriate seasons and for the player to have a proper career's summary in his profile.

The Playcom, which allows you to generate match commentaries and statistics, also requires the team's squad to be complete for both home and away team.

What are transfers? Where can I see a team squad? Where can I find the details of a player's career?

A player or staff member can join a team. At YouFoot we typically speak of "transfers" even though it may or not be per say a contractual transfer between two clubs (for instance, players can sign a new contract with a club, and amateur players may not sign contracts at all when joining a team...).

On a team's page, you will see all the players that are in the squad in the squad tab, don't forget the squad may change over time so be sure to select the correct season first (click the season in the team's infobox to change to another season).

On a player's page, you'll find a career tab where you will see all the teams a person has played at or been a staff member at.

How can I make a transfer?

Here are a few ways to add players to a team's squad or to make transfers:

  • Initially when you create a team, you can add players to the squad. Similarly, when you create a player, you can add team to his career.
  • In the Squad tab, click Edit squad and then click Add a player located below the squad table
  • In a player's Career tab you can edit transfer information (such as start and end date, jersey number...) or add another transfer.

We try to make transfers very easy to make and edit. For instance, when you add a transfer you need to specify a start date, however if you leave this date empty, by default we'll add the player at the start of the team's season. You may not know how long a player will play for a team, so you don't need to specify an end date and this can simply added when the player leaves the squad.

We recommend entering player jersey numbers as it will greatly help to commentate matches. If you edit a jersey number, keep in mind that player jersey may change from time to time especially in the context of a particular competition. For that reason, we even allow commentators to change a player's jersey's number at the start of each match.

What are the required informations to add a transfer?

To complete player transfer, you need to indicate the transfer type and for professional transfers you'll need to select the status of the transfer. Then, you will only have to specify the team that is joined, type of job (player, coach...) and the start date.

How can I edit a transfer?

Choose a player or a staff member, whose transfer you want to edit. On a player page, below the infobox you will see tabs : News, Videos & Images, Career… Click on Career, you will see existing transfers in the Professional Career box. Click on Edit, make necessary changes and Save transfer. You can also make changes directly in the Professional Career box by clicking on Dates or Role.

What are amateur, professional and national selections?

When adding a transfer, you can choose amateur if the relationship between a player and the club doesn't involve a salary or a contract.

Professional means that the player receives a salary or is under contract with the club. Also in YouFoot a player may not have professional contracts with 2 clubs at the same time. If you try to add a second professional contract while the players is still playing for another club (for instance if no end date has been entered for his previous club), then you'll be offered to end his previous contract in order to validate your transfer.

National selections describe a player joining his or her national team. You can transfer a player in a national team by selecting first this option.

I have an issue trying to make a transfer, what's wrong?

If you cannot complete a transfer make sure that:
  • you have selected the correct option between: Professional, Amateur, National selection
  • in Team joined make sure you select a team from the drop down list after you type a team's name. if the team doesn't exist yet on YouFoot, you first need to create the team
  • if you are adding a professional transfer make sure to resolve any conflicts with previously added transfers
  • although we allow players to have identical names on YouFoot (because it happens in real life too :),we currently prevent players with identical first and last name to join the same squad to prevent from confusion and what would be likely duplicates. We think that even in the unlikely event that a team has two players with identical first and last name, for their own sake they ought to be able to differentiate them. For instance, you may want to add one of the player's middle names in the first names.
If you have any issues, be sure to contact us. We're happy to help!

Why cannot I transfer a player?

Please note that a player cannot have two professional contracts at the same time. When you try to complete a transfer for a player that is already playing for another team you'll be offered to end his current contract. This way you won't have anything else to do to complete the transfer you are adding and it will just end his previous contact.

What about loans and co-ownership of players?

Currently, YouFoot doesn't let you specify when a player is loaned to a club or when a player is co-owned by clubs (as it happens in Italy). We look forward adding this in the near future.

What happens if someone deletes or makes change to a transfer? What if he is mistaken, how can I recover the data?

YouFoot is collaborative, while we believe most people don't intentionally make mistake and even more rarely intentionally delete things, it happens. A collaborative website wouldn't work without some protection against unintentional mistakes or act of vandalism.

For that reason, most data entered in YouFoot is saved and versioned. Transfers are a good example. This means that you can on just a few clicks revert to previous version any erroneous transfer changes or recover deleted transfer.

To revert a transfer to a previous version, simply edit this transfer, then select Revision History and revert to the correct version.
To recover a deleted transfer select show deleted transfer and click undelete.

How can I delete a transfer?

Choose a player or a staff member, whose transfer you want to delete. On the player’s (staff) page under the infobox you will see the menu with details such as News, Videos & Images, Career… Click on Career, you will see existing transfers in the Professional Career box. Click on Delete next to the transfer you want to delete.

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