How can I find a team?

There are several ways to find teams in YouFoot:

  • Click on Teams in the top navigation.
    1. You will land on a Team portal page, where you will see a selection of New teams which have been recently added on YouFoot. You can also click Most favorited to see teams that are popular, or Best average ratings to see those teams whose squad performance are rated the best on average.
    2. You can also search for a team by entering its name (or nickname as long as it has been added).
    3. You can also perform an advanced search to include other criteria such as type of football, average age of the squad, sex...
  • You can use the general search engine located in the top navigation by typing the name of a team.

How can I add a team?

Click on Teams in the main menu. In the right side menu choose Create a team. Complete the required information and click on Create Team.  Watch the video how to create a team.

What information is necessary to create a team?

To create a team you need to indicate its name, country and city of the 'headquarter', the year of foundation, the season's default start date and season format.

Let's go into a little bit more details about these:

  • Team name: if you are part of a large team or club that have more than one teams, be sure to differentiate your team by adding something that sets it apart (Spain U17, Chelsea Youth, Arsenal LFC,...)

  • Country and city: to help find players in their neighborhoods, we ask that you enter the country and city where you team is located. You can enter a complete address that you can make available to the public, however only the country and the city are necessary.

  • Year of foundation: YouFoot will create all the seasons for your team since the year of foundation of the team. If a team is disbanded, you can also specify that and no seasons will be added after the year at which it was disbanded.

  • Season default start date: in Europe most teams pickup training for the new season in July but in South America the new season is around the New Year. The date you pick will determine what match belong to what season. For instance, if you pick July 1st then any match between the 1st of July 2010 and the June 30th 2011 will be part of the same season. Statistics are often computed on a season basis so it's important you pick the right date to make sure you will never leave matches out. To be safe, simply take a date in between the end of the season and the start of the next season.

  • Season's display format: you can have seasons be displayed in a yearly format (ex: 2010) or a bi-yearly format (2010-2011). This typically depends on your season start date, but you get to choose what works best for you.

You can also add optional information such as:

  • the team's logo
  • its squad and staff (check out the FAQ section about transfers)
  • its venues - most notably the stadium (or pitch) that  the team calls "home" but also its training grounds
  • other additional information such as nicknames, ticket sales information and official website.

Nicknames are handy since they will ensure that people can find more easily this team using any name such as abbreviations. Adding a "Stadium" (or pitch) is also handing as it will suggest this venue automatically every time you create a match with that team.

Can I edit a team’s page after its creation?

Yes, any team can be easily edited. Select Edit team settings in the right side toolbox when you are on the team's page. To prevent vandalism, we don't allow full editing privileges to everyone but if you need any information edited on a particular Team page, be sure to contact us. We're happy to help!

Also, if you need to edit the team's squad or staff, please go to the Squad tab of that team.

How can I edit a team’s squad or staff?

Choose the team you want to edit. On a team’s page, click on the Squad tab, and then select Edit Squad.

Click on a player or a staff member whose transfer details you wish to edit. The details of that person's Career will appear below the squad's table and can be used for editing.

Below the Squad's table you can also find a field where you can add players and build your team's squad very quickly. Simply enter the player name then either select a player whose profile already exist on YouFoot, or create that player profile to add it to the team.

How can I see the squad of a team for a particular season?

On any team's page, in their infobox you will see displayed a season (by default the current season). Click on the season to select another season from a drop down menu. Then, in the Squads tab you will be able to see the squad for that season (or edit that squad).

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