How can I find a player?

There several ways to find players (as well as staff members, or other users) in YouFoot:

  • Click on Players in the top navigation.
    You will land on a Player portal page, where you will see a selection of
    New players. You can also click Most favorited to see players that are popular, or Best average ratings to see those whose performance are rated the best.
    You can also search for a player by entering his name: first name, last name or even in some cases by their nicknames.
    You can also perform an advanced search to include other criteria such as country, match in which guest players are welcomed, the match ratings, and more...
  • On a team's page, you will see a Squad tab where you'll find all the players playing for a team for a particular season.
  • Finally you can use the general search engine located in the top navigation by typing the name of a player.

How can I create a player?

Click on Players in the top navigation, then, in the right side toolbox click Create a player. All you need to create a player is his or her full name. However, you may add a lot more details either when you create the player but also at anytime later.

Check out this video to see how to create a player.

If you are having any issue creating a player, be sure to contact us. We're here to help :)

Can I edit a player’s page?

Yes, any YouFoot members can edit player pages. When you are on a player's page you want to edit, select Edit player page in the right side menu. Once you've edited the player page and click Save.

To prevent from vandalism, the player name may not be edited except by administrators. If you find a player name that is misspelled or entered incorrectly, please contact us and we will correct the issue in no time. If you find duplicate players please notify us and we will remove them. 

How can I find the information about a player?

Choose a player you are interested in, just under the infobox you will see the menu with the Player’s details such as News, Images &videos, Career, Statistics, Results and fixtures, and History.

Can a member be a player?

Yes, every member playing football can also have a player’s profile.

To have a player profile, select Profile, and click on Edit Profile in the right side menu. In the section Player Information, click get a player profile.

There are two possibilities:

  1. A player already exists that corresponds to you and you can "claim" this player profile.
  2. There are no player profiles that correspond to you, in which case you'll be offered to create your player profile.

Note that at any time you can separate your Member from its Player profile.

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