Commentating a football match using the Playcom

What are the prerequisite to commentate a match using the Playcom?

Before you commentate a match make sure:

  • The teams involved exist on YouFoot
  • Both team squad include the correct players for the season
With this information you'll be able to create the match (see the section about Match for more details) and a commentator can be elected.

What is the Playcom / Colorcom?

YouFoot website lets anyone contribute to build the largest database on football. In order to achieve that goal, we also needed to separate facts from opinions.

We decided to build 2 tools to commentate matches.

The first tool builds a play-by-play commentary of a match. We call this tool the Playcom. Users can use the Playcom to describe factually match actions one after another. This generates in real time commentaries in multiple languages and statistics.

The second tool allows users to commentate football matches in real time either with written or audio commentaries. These can be fun, professional, biased for a particular team, anything, as long as they are adding color to the football we love. For that reason we call these Colorcom.

You can follow any of these commentaries in the Live tab of a match when the match is live. You may also check them out, after the match is over in the Commentaries tab.

Why elect a commentator for the Playcom? How does the election process works?

Since the play-by--play commentary of the match is designed to be an objective and factual description of the match, there is no need for more than one Playcom per match: all data produced ought to be identical. The commentaries should be done by someone trusted by the community.

Anyone can be a candidate to commentate a match. Whoever has the most votes 24 hours before the match is elected to commentate that match. If there are no candidates or if the candidates are tied 24 hours before the match, the election is prolongated until 1 hour before the match. If there is still a tie between candidates, the first candidate to have applied will be selected. If there are no candidates to commentate a match less than an hour prior to the match, if the match is live or if it is finished, then the first candidate will be automatically elected.

We hope that this way, everyone can get to participate while also ensuring that people do their best when commentating matches. Should you ever notice errors in a Playcom, please report them and we'll make sure to correct any errors quickly.

Can I edit a match play-by-play commentary? How do I delete an action?

Yes, all match commentaries can be edited by the commentator. In the Commentaries tab of a match, there is a link Edit Playcom. 

The Playcom will reload with all actions and commentaries entered. In the pane containing action commentaries, simply click on the Edit at the end of any action commentary to modify an action.

While you are editing an action, you'll see a delete button above the action, if you want to delete it.

The only action that you cannot delete is the Game Start of the match since every other action depends on this initial game setup. However, if you need you can reset a game completely using the Revision History of the match. This will allows you to start over if the Game Start was not entered properly.

How can I revert the match play-by-play to a previous version?

At the bottom of the Playcom page click on Revert to a previous version, select a version in the list where it says ‘Please choose a revision to view’. Click on Revert to this Version to confirm and the Back to return to the Playcom.

When can people follow my live match commentary?

When the match is live, you can follow the match commentary in the Live tab on the match page.

The Playcom also updates statistics that are available in the match page, as well as on the pages of each of the players and teams involved. When a Game conclusion is entered, the competitions tables will be updated.

Once the match is finished, you can see the match commentaries in the Commentaries tab.

I commented a match but the result is not taken in account in various places in website, why?

Although the score almost always determines the outcome of the match, there are some cases of special resolution in which a team may be disqualified or a match may be replayed. For that reason, in the Playcom, the commentator can enter the Game conclusion. This allows the commentator to verify the conclusion of the match and in case of a special resolution to enter the details for it.

If the commentator forgets to enter the Game Conclusion for a match, although the match has a score, it doesn't have a result.

I don't want to enter play-by-play commentary, can I simply enter the score for the match?

Yes, you can also enter the score of a match instead of a complete match commentary.

When you create a match, if you set the match date in the past, you will have an extra section where you can enter the result for the match.

On any match page, you can click Edit the match settings to enter the score if the match's status is finished.

Entering the score will not produce almost any statistics for the teams and players; however it will allow you to update a competition with minimal efforts.

I don't want to enter play-by-play commentary, can I simply enter the score for the match?

Note: If a play-by-play commentary is added for a match, it will always override "Score only" data.

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