How can I find or invite friends on YouFoot?

One way to find friends on YouFoot is to search them by typing their name in the search engine located in the top navigation. In the search results, find the right person and simply select Add as friend.

However, the fastest way to find your friends is via your email address book or via a social network you use.

We support major email services and social networks:

 Email services  Social Networks
 Gmail  Facebook 
 Yahoo Mail  Twitter
 Hotmail & Microsoft Live  Orkut
 AOL Mail  Plaxo

Click on Invite Friends in the right side toolbox or on the icon 'Add more Friends' in the section Friends of your Profile. By default, you'll be offered to use the email service you use to login to YouFoot. You can also select another email service or social network. Simply enter the email address and the password for the selected service (don't worry, your password is encrypted never stored).

This service will match email addresses in your address book or social network with registered YouFoot members. You will see a list of your friends who are already on YouFoot and you can add them to your friend's list.

After you have connected with friends who are on YouFoot, you will be offered to invite your friends who are not on YouFoot yet. Simply select the ones you would like to invite and click Invite.

How do I accept or ignore a friend request?

To accept or to ignore a friend request, go to your Profile page. You will see Friends Request where you can accept or ignore the request. If you accept a friend request your friend will receive an email notification. If you ignore, the person will not be notified.

How do I send messages to my friends?

To send a message, you can simply select "Send message" in the toolbox on the right side when you are looking at a friend's profile.

You can also access your Inbox at any time (located in the top navigation) and simply click Write a message and enter the name(s) of friend(s) you would like to write to in the recipient field.

How do I remove a person from my friend’s list?

Go to your Profile page, when you mouse-over a picture of a friend, you will see a red cross. Click it to remove someone from your friend’s list.

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