How do I change/add a photo to my account?

Select Profile, click on Edit Profile in the right side menu. Then, click on Edit next to Member profile. You can upload a photo or a picture and adjust the thumbnail by dragging the selection you want. Save your thumbnail, and then click Save. 

How do I change my name or email or other account info?

Select Profile, click on Edit Profile in the right side menu. Then, click on Edit next to the section you wish to edit. You can edit you name, email address, password, gender, date of birth, language preference, and more. When you are done with editing, click Save in the section you just edited.

How do I change navigation language?

In the footer of the website, located at the bottom of any YouFoot page, you can select your language preferences: click on the menu next to Navigation Language.

You can also change language preferences in your profile: Select Profile, click on Edit Profile in the right side menu. Then, click on Edit next to Account information.  Don't forget to click Save after changing your language preferences.

We are currently adding more languages to YouFoot. If you have selected a langue that we are in the process of translating, anything that is not translated will appear in english regardless of your language preference. If you wish to help, you can contribute to translating the website by clicking Apps > Translation.

How do I change my email notification preferences?

Select Profile, click on Edit Profile in the right side menu. You will see Edit next to Notifications and Mailbox. Change your email notification preferences and click Save when you are done.

What is a Player profile? How can I add a player profile?

On YouFoot all football players are public figures. They are not managed by a single member. For instance, players' statistics are determined by commentators using PlayCom and ExpertCom applications.

If you choose to become a Player-Member, your member profile will be merged with a player profile to become a Player-Member.

Being a Player-Member does not grant you additional privileges or control over this player.

To have a player profile select
Profile, and click on Edit Profile in the right side menu. In the section Player Information, click Get a player profile.

There at two possibilities:

  1. A player profile corresponding to you already exists so you can just "claim" this player profile.
  2. There are no player profile that corresponds to you and you'll be offered to Create your player profile.
Note that at any time you can separate your Member profile from its Player profile.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can reinitialize your password by clicking on Forgot your password located near where you normally sign in.

Enter your email in the form, you'll receive an email with a link that will allow you to set a new password.

How can I deactivate my account?

Select Profile, click on Edit Profile in the right side menu. Select Deactivate my account. After a period of time deactivated account will be deleted forever. If you have deactivated your account by mistake be sure to contact us rapidly.

My account has been suspended, why?

In some case, YouFoot may suspend user accounts who have gravely or repeatedly infringed the Terms and conditions or the Community rules.

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