Embedding a PDF Tests

I've been trying to share a conceptual sitemap made with Freemind. I cannot share the real file but I am showing below a similar file.

1. SVG embedded with Code wrapper

At first I tried with SVG as shown below but it worked only in Chrome 7 (but it didn't work in Firefox 3.6 or in IE8)

Code Wrapper

Conclusion: not working in most browser for now.

2. Gadget: Google Documents Viewer

I didn't want to go with an image because the file is very large and I prefered having it within a container... I thought a PDF might be better.
Important: this is a test file. The file I want to upload is quite bigger (1200px wide by 2000px long)
I didn't want it to be a file to download because I want people to be able to view it immediately.

I went to Google Docs and "Uploaded" my PDF (without OCR). Just a plain PDF.
I found out that with Insert> Google Docs that you cannot insert PDF.

I tried with the gadget: Google Documents Viewer
I used the link given in "Sharing" preferences of the uploaded PDF: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0BzVQuEOyEmvWYjA4NGE2MmEtYzE1YS00ODE2LWE1YWItMThiNGM4MDgxZDc3&hl=en

Google Docs Viewer

In case the above Gadget is working for you, it is not working for me. What I am seeing is this (an posting the screenshot below):

3. Gadget: Embedded Google Docs Viewer

So I tried with another Widget: the "Embedded Google Docs Viewer".

Google Docs Viewer

The gadget spec URL could not be found

HOWEVER while it works here-above (at least it's working for me) in the above example, the result I am getting with the "domain shared" file is instead looking like this:
Why is it not working? Perhaps because the file is not public on the web? Perhaps because it's much larger? I really can't see why it's not working...

In any case I shared it within my domain (a google app enabled domain) and I am trying to view it while being logged in.
I tried signing out and reconnecting to no avail.

The document was shared with:
"Domain Name"
People at "Domain Name" can find and access.

4. Gadget: Include gadget (iframe)

So I tried with yet another Gadget called: "Include gadget (iframe)"

Sometimes I am getting "Sorry we are unable to retreive the document for viewing"... somethimes I am getting this (here I used an image to make sure you'd see it like me):

Two issues with this:
  1. Why are there all the Google Docs menus at the top? (I didn't always get this by the way)
  2. How can I get rid of the site bar to the right? Because since I have a 1200px wide document I don't want to waste more screen estate with this. At our offices peopel can typically view 1200px without scrolling... I'd like to view it as it displays in the "Embedded Google Docs Viewer". I would like it to be displayed as seen with the solution shown in 3...

To wrap up, I have also tried to upload rhe file in a File Cabinet page and then use the link for it in the various Gadgets. I got various results. Typically I got the result you can see just above. Sometimes without the Google Docs menus. But always with the sidebar to the right.